Blood & Jupiter is a Percy Jackson and the Olympians Tarot Zine.Found within the intersection of the major arcana storyline, the Percy Jackson characters, and hope, this zine aims to evoke mysticism and magic in your past, present, and future – as the PJO books have always done for their readers!


January 10th: Interest Check Launch
Feb 7th: Interest Check Closed
Feb 14th: Contributor Apps Open
March 14th: Contributor Apps Close
March 21st: Results Sent
March 28th: Pitches & Card Requests Due
April 1st: Card Approval
May 2nd: Check In I
June 6th: Check In II
July 11th: Check In III
August 1st: Finals Due
Preorders Open: August 18
Preorders Close: September 16


What is a fandom zine?
A fandom zine is a small-circulation, self-published collection of fanworks curated around a specific theme and sold through preorders.
Contributors to the collection are accepted through an application process, then create a new piece for this zine during the creation period with the help and support of the mod team. The mod team guides the contributors, organizes the creations into a single collection, and manages sales.What is the theme of this zine?
This zine is themed around Percy Jackson and the Olympian characters depicted through the 22 major arcana of a Tarot deck. Card descriptions and symbolism will be provided for contributors to claim upon acceptance.
Will ships be allowed?
As this is a Tarot deck, any ships depicted will either be canon or ambiguous. Contributors are welcome to apply with any ships.
What is this zine's rating?
This zine is rated T by AO3 guidelines. This includes canon-typical levels of violence, non-graphic descriptions of injuries, romantic descriptions without explicit sexual interaction, up to and including light kissing, displays of platonic affection, and cut-to-black implied sexual content.
How many contributors will you accept?
We are currently planning to accept up to 7 card artists and 1 merch artist. These estimates will be updated depending on the results of our interest check.
Who can contribute?
Anyone 18 years or older at the time of application is welcome to apply.
Will the zine be digital or physical? For-profit or charity?
We are currently planning the zine to be a physical, for-profit project based on the results of the interest check.
How will contributors be compensated?
All contributors will be guaranteed a digital PDF of the zine and the ability to purchase any physical items at production cost. Depending on our sales during preorders, we may be able to compensate shipping or the cost of the items entirely. Profits not spent on item compensation will be distributed evenly among contributors and mods. This may change depending on the results of the interest check.
Where can I find the contributor application requirements?
Please find our application requirements (as well as guidelines for content creation once accepted) in our Info Doc


Mod Neems:

Formatting, Art, Finance & Production

Hello! I’m Neems, a PJO enthusiast who also loves macabre, so doing this project is a perfect combination of two of my favorite things, hehe.Currently, I’m the art + org + socials mod for Golden Future, a Golden Kamuy Zine, and a few other projects! You can find more about my experience in my Carrd!This is my first time doing finance and production but I have done, and will continue to do, plenty of research and careful planning. I also plan on asking Mod Notte and Mod Tea for help along the way to keep me on my toes!

Mod Notte:

Organization, Graphics & Writing

Hi, I’m Notte! I’ve been in the PJO fandom for over a decade now, and it was my first fandom, so the series is definitely close to my heart. I’m so excited to work with y’all!I am the writing + comms mod for Sk8TTS, the writing mod for the Luka Couffaine Zine, comms + finance intern for Genshin Replique Zine, writing mod for the PJO Royalty AU Zine, and org + comms + vegan chef liason for the Makima Cookbook zine.I’ve also done graphics for Felix and Felinette Prompt Months for the last three years. This will be my first time doing graphics for a zine! Luckily, I have Mod Neems and Mod Tea to bother when I need help.

Mod Tea:

Socials, Shipping & Writing

Hey! I'm Téa and I'm a writer, artist, and the proud owner of one of the Riptide prop pens from the musical. I've been a fan of Percy Jackson since I was in first grade and have been in the fandom for over a decade. I've also gotten really into tarot in the past few years, so I'm excited to work on this project!At the moment, I'm the lead mod on Lion Lilies and handling writing + org + social media + shipping. I'm also co-lead on Omori's Oven, where I'm helping with writing + org + social media. I also am a mod on multiple other zines that can be viewed on my Carrd.I'll be running the social medias for this project, and if we go physical, shipping out all the goodies to everyone! For shipping, I'll be working with Mod Neems, and I'll also be helping Mod Notte with writing!